Svend Nørgaard

Renowned all-rounder retiring

Position: Regional Sales Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Kosan Crisplant Cameroon
Employed since: 1972 (break from 1978-1980)
Education: Technical constructor

The beginning

In the course of my career with KC, I've had almost every job imaginable; I started as a supervisor for a couple of years. When I wasn't travelling, I worked in the construction department in Aarhus. After that, I became a site manager on the really big turn-key projects. For a while, I was as a project manager, and for the past 20 years, I've worked in almost every sales department around the world in KC. When the company branched out its services to include Facility Management in Portugal, I helped pave the way and similarly, I was stationed in Cameroon 10 years back as the general manager of our start-up of Glocalgaz - an LPG filling facility.

My current job

Originally, my job in Cameroon was limited to only one year's start-up. I ended up staying for 10 years, though, and now that I have retired, I hold a purely counselling, supervising position, mentoring the Cameroon department as a way of gradually reducing my efforts with the company.

The first time I entered the country was by coincidence together with our CEO, Anders C. Anderson. We had problems with our visas in Equatorial Guinea, and were forced to take a detour to Cameroon. While being there, we realised, that installing a gas plant there would be good business because of the shortage of gas in the area.

However, starting a business in Cameroon hasn't been easy. The poor infrastructure alone poses quite a few challenges in regards to distributing the LPG. On top of that, we face a very bureaucratic system in which spending much time documenting, trying to figure out tax rules and waiting for long-winded approvals is necessary. This helps explain why generating a profit has been a lengthy process. Today, we employ 45 people on a full time basis, which we are proud of. And working with people from Cameroon is a pleasure; they are a friendly, laid-back and social people that I've grown fond of. I'm even friends with the local chief.

The best thing about working for Kosan Crisplant

The best thing about my career with Kosan Crisplant is that I've been blessed with the freedom to move around and experience literally all parts of the world. This means that I know a lot of people all around the globe thanks to this company. I've been given a lot of responsibility from the very beginning which I thrive on.