Rob Steven

Driven by dreams

Position: Founder and Director, BANGLAMARK, Bangladesh
Kosan Crisplant's agent since: 2011
Education: Degree in Engineering with Business and an MBA in International Business

How and why did you get into LPG?

I have a degree in Engineering with Business and an MBA in International Business and I always thought I was to work for my family's textile and garment business, but that wasn't for me. Instead, I foresaw how the demand for gas in Bangladesh would explode and I knew I wanted to be part of that business and look for an alternative to natural gas. Before I actually entered the LPG business however, I was trading equipment related to the natural gas distribution network. Around the same time, I began trading petroleum products and mid 2009 I started my own company, BANGLAMARK, because I realised that my passion was in petroleum products and gas equipment. Today, BANGLAMARK is the leading EPC contractor and turnkey storage and filling plant supplier in the Bangladeshi market.

How did you start working for KC?

I have been an exclusive agent for Kosan Crisplant since 2011 till the present day. Back in 2011, I was looking for a partner with excellent technology and great, long-term service to enter the LPG business with. I wanted the leading LPG company in the industry to be my supplier. KC came to Bangladesh because they too saw a potential in the country's increasing demand for LPG and met with three possible agents. They chose me and Kosan Crisplant's experts taught me everything I know about LPG, projects, clients, and equipment.

Truth be told, I feel more like an employee than an agent and I prefer it that way. KC immediately accepted me as part of the KC family: I'm supported day and night and I get all the support I need to succeed in my job.

You are KC's network in the field. How would you describe your network?

We have a good relation to all the leading LPG players in Bangladesh and a strong business network in general. They all know us very well from word of mouth as an LPG service provider with reliable and durable equipment. They know we are able to provide anything LPG related - even our competitors turn to us from time to time when they are unable to meet their customers' demands.

Customers feel they have come to the right company when they meet KC and consider us the Rolls Royce of LPG equipment. This means we are respected by customers and they trust us 100%. Customers never revert to me with complaints nor talk badly about us.

What constitutes a typical work day for you?

I typically prepare proposals for the customers in coordination with the HQ in Denmark. My main responsibility is to sell projects and negotiate the terms with customers and thus bring home the contracts. After that, I hand over the contracts to the project department for them to execute.

What is the best thing about working for Kosan Crisplant?

I really do feel honoured to work for KC and to sell high-quality equipment. I enjoy working with skilled and professional people and I find that Kosan Crisplant operates professionally in every respect. They always come up with solutions to customers' problems and know how to solve them. In my experience, all staff is very co-operative and experienced and they stand by their word. Moreover, the management has a good and ambitious vision for the company which I like working to achieve.

What do you expect from the new constellation with MAKEEN Energy Bangladesh Ltd.?

Bangladesh is a virgin market and there are still many opportunities to be explored. We haven’t even exhausted 15% of the potential. So with this newly founded company, we need to think bigger: I want MAKEEN Energy to become a major and leading supplier of LPG solutions.

For the future, I will be fully dedicated to MAKEEN Energy Bangladesh as the General Manager. I love working with MAKEEN Energy! The market is expanding and I'm excited to see how far we can go with this. We have a very strong and dedicated vision for MAKEEN Energy Bangladesh in terms of expanding our footprint in LPG by increasing the number of LPG turnkey and EPC projects in the Bangladeshi market. But the new vision also entails extending the product portfolio to include LNG, FM and power sector services in this market. Other than that, we plan to expand to smaller, border countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

What are your dreams for your career?

It's no secret I wish to have a successful and enjoyable work life. I have high ambitions for MAKEEN Energy in Bangladesh and I want to create a powerful and independent Business Hub in South-East Asia. Thus in the future, training, after sales support and project sales are available directly from Bangladesh instead of relying on other hubs such as Malaysia, India or Denmark. My dream is to build a strong and dedicated team that can support our other subsidiaries and if I succeed, there is no place I would rather be!