Claudia Bonucchi

Plunging into the fun

Position: Administrative Assistant and HR Responsible, Kosan Crisplant North America
Employed since: 2012 / Education: Business Graduate, Specialized in computer networking and technical support

The beginning

As it often is, coincidence let me to KC. I had a degree in computer networking, but I was working in the transportation industry, which lead me to working with propane, which subsequently lead me to KC.

When I started in KC, I was an administrative assistant. I assisted one of the plant managers with paperwork at one of the facilities in Bradford North of Toronto. I learned a tremendous amount from just shadowing him out on the plant observing first-hand how production was going. Soon, I was given tasks within HR as well and with that more responsibility. From there, my career in KC took off.

My current job

In a sense, my job snowballed into what it is today and now I manage the plant in Delhi, Ontario. I am responsible for all the hiring and HR aspects in general. In less than three years, I went from assisting the plant manager to actually running a plant myself. And in the summer, when we are extremely busy, I manage up to 50-60 people at all three Canadian plants!

I wear quite a lot of hats in the sense that my tasks are so diverse and there is never a dull moment - each day is different from yesterday and that lets me grow as an employee.

The last three years have been the best years of my career. Of course, my business degree qualifies me for certain tasks, but I've learned so much working with the people in KC that I would have never learned in school. KC's equipment, how it operates and the business itself is a whole new education.

The best thing about working for Kosan Crisplant

I love the progress and the drive at KC; to watch something start from nothing and see it grow and prosper is very fulfilling. Take this new facility in Delhi: We're bringing in the equipment, we're hiring staff - building from scratch and building a success. And I love being a part of the Canadian team and seeing us grow in the Canadian market. I experience a great amount of support from my team: their way of thinking and the way they treat people is simply refreshing. My aspiration for this job is to grow KC North America into something even larger and I can't wait to get there.