Bessem Enonchong

From Glocalgaz to systems sales

Position: Business Development, Kosan Crisplant Cameroon
Employed since: 2006
Education: History, Political Science and Pedagogy - Master's level

The beginning

I joined Kosan Crisplant Cameroon in 2006 as Sales and Marketing Manager for the product Glocalgaz, which concerns the distribution of LPG in cylinders. It was an interesting but difficult task as it meant launching a new product in a highly competitive market. Besides the competitors, we had the challenge of introducing a new technology, which implied that the cost of acquiring cylinders, gas and regulator was high for a first time user.

My time with Glocalgaz was exceptional. It was a great learning experience starting not only a new company but launching a new product. All procedures and processes, from administration to sales and marketing, had to be defined and put into place.

My current job

In the end of 2008, I joined the KC Cameroon team responsible for equipment sales in the African region. With zero technical skills, this move was the biggest challenge in my entire career because it was like having eyes but not being able to see, so to speak. But with the support of my colleagues all over the world, I managed. Also, I have had further training on sales techniques and equipment and accessories.

I am now responsible for getting sales leads and responding to them. I work on all sales leads in the KC portfolio from single machines over contracting and engineering to service and trading. Some leads I immediately respond to and others I forward to colleagues elsewhere in the organization, but either way, I make sure no project sleeps, monitoring them closely and following up on the status of each case.

I also ensure that we follow up on each customer's project from the time of order to delivery and start-up. Besides this, I do delivery on site for local clients especially for most of the trading (components and parts). This to the amazement of many, as they expect to see a man!