Morten Dalkjær Johansen

Gaining experience in a real business setting

Design & Engineering, Kosan Crisplant Denmark
Intern from August 2014 to January 2015

Why did you choose to do an internship in Kosan Crisplant?

In fact, I did not know the company before I applied for the internship. I was, however, soon drawn in by the opportunity to work with construction and gas filling plants, which I saw as something really interesting. Moreover, an internship in Kosan Crisplant gave me the chance to work with some more practical cases instead of only depending on my theoretical knowledge.

What has been your primary role in the company during your internship?

During my internship I was assigned to the Design & Engineering department as a mechanical engineer. Here my main task has been to design different components and fittings for gas filling machines in the 3D design software, Inventor. I really felt that I became an integrated part of the department as I was working side by side with the other employees and was given a lot of exciting tasks and responsibilities.

What has been the best part in your internship?

For sure the best part has been to gain some experience in a real business setting. This has allowed me to work independently, take responsibility and get acquainted with a lot of different things that I have never tried before. On the other hand, it was also nice to have a mentor to consult regarding any difficulties or concerns I had. Thereby I felt that I was not totally on my own, but had some guidance and a more experienced colleague to rely on.

What has been the greatest challenge?

One challenge has been to change the way I think when I'm working and designing components. From a business perspective, it is important all the time to find the most optimal solutions in terms of functionality, sturdiness and production costs. To take these things into consideration did not come natural to me in the beginning, but I learned it along the way.

Can you describe the culture in KC with only three words?

First of all I think Kosan Crisplant is a very social place to work. The people are really nice and friendly and there are a lot of social events where everybody speaks with everybody regardless of job positions and department. This made me more relaxed and made it easier to ask my colleagues for advise when I needed it. Second, I would say that Kosan Crisplant is ambitious. I could really feel on the atmosphere that it is an international company that wants be the world leader within their field. That was a really good influence as it made you feel that your work was important and that it had a real business impact - also in the big picture. Last, I think Kosan Crisplant takes a great responsibility for their interns. This was expressed in the way they cherish and guide us through the process. However, at the same time, the interns are also expected to perform and to do their best.