An organisation driven by values

Far more than just words, our vision and values are at the centre of everything we do.


It is our vision to be the world's most innovative and outstanding provider of benefits, solutions and services to the gas business.

Culture and values

It's only natural for a company our age to have built a specific company culture according to the values we live by over the years. However, describing that certain vibe and feel of our company and the people in it can be tricky. It's just there. But someone started it and helped form the culture and the values by bringing others in and engaging with them in a certain way. And that way of interacting spread to how customers were addressed and how partners and stakeholders were approached and so on. Little by little and over time, the very distinct Kosan Crisplant culture began to form.

Values need to be felt, though. It's not a tangible thing and you cannot feel it from reading words on a screen, it needs to be witnessed and experienced, because it's there. Every day. Floating in and around people's desks. It exists between people. At Kosan Crisplant, we have tried to caption our values in six statements. This is not to say that this is our whole set of values wrapped up in six short sentences. It is, however, the core of Kosan Crisplant and how we do business. Those are the words we live by every day and we thoroughly explain the importance of each statement to new employees when they come to work for us. They aren’t just dusty old statements hidden in a file somewhere. They are hung for everyone to see and to be reminded of daily.

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Be proactive and take ownership

We believe that commitment and job satisfaction come as a natural consequence of giving our employees the responsibility and empowerment to manage their own time and work within the corporate values and the overall guidelines defined in our strategy.

We encourage our employees to seek out opportunities themselves and take initiative in their daily work life. 

We trust that people rise to the occasion and that given the chance and the authority to make their own decisions, they flourish.

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Be passionately involved

In everything we do, we want to be passionately involved or not at all. We don’t enter into engagements with anyone half-heartedly. Whether we interact with customers, partners, employees or others, you can count on us and rely on us because we are in it for the long-haul or not at all.

Our staff of long-term experts within gas, software, engineering, spare parts, shipping, project execution etc. are eager to assist our customers every day and they gladly offer their knowledge and expertise because they are passionate about their work.

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Share your knowledge - make others good

We believe in knowledge sharing and we have the perfect foundation to do so. Our broad age composition as well as our cultural diversity across our offices worldwide make a fertile soil for benefitting from each other's skills and experiences. We have every opportunity to learn from each other and pass on the knowledge that we gain. As a result, customers and stakeholders see us as an aligned company where everyone is on the same page. We have decided to help each other, make others good and not keep knowledge to ourselves. In fact, we employ various software systems to aid the knowledge sharing process across borders just as our newly implemented intranet supports that same goal. Another way we live by this value is by inviting interns to spend a semester with us. We provide them with the practical experience to match their theoretical knowledge and in turn we expect them to share the latest knowledge, new theories and innovative approaches with us. In short, we enable each other. And we make each other better.

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Understand and help your customers

We are very aware that without our customers, we have no business. We exist because of them and that is why we know to take good care of them. We understand that helping people out is the key and we are here to make every customer shine. For that to happen, we get to know our customers and their businesses really well in order to advise them in the best way possible for their business. That way, we avoid making miscalculations and ultimately offering the wrong solutions because we were thorough and got it right in the first take.

With this value statement, we think of customers in the widest sense possible - understanding and helping people goes for every relation we engage in. We know that customers are ambassadors - both good and bad - and we understand that if we treat our customers well and respect the influence that they have, they might vouch for us and lead us to new customers. That is our ultimate goal.

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Don't leave anybody behind

Whether we're talking customers, partners or stakeholders in general, we are not leaving anybody behind. We stand by our commitment and we're not leaving until the job is well done.

Not leaving anybody behind also means that when severe floods and subsequent landslides ravaged Sri Lanka in the summer of 2016, our local colleagues chose to donate the worth of a day's labour each without hesitation to help their countrymen who had to leave their homes.

It also involves training our staff in first aid to raise awareness that it's important to pay attention to and care for your colleagues and instruct them in detecting signs of illness in case of an emergency - thus avoiding fatal consequences.

Or when we return to customers over and over again to fine tune and make adjustments. We pop in from time to time to see how they are doing and to make sure everything is the way we promised - or better. We live up to our reputation and our promises.

Not leaving anybody behind is also promising to have spare parts in stock for all KC equipment for at least 10 years. In our opinion, supplying spare parts over a longer period of time goes hand in hand with selling long-lasting equipment, because you will not need them right away. But when you do, we have them for you. That is good service to us.

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Put the fish on the table

We are firm believers in saying what we feel and not beating around the bush. This goes for both internal and external matters. We have a culture in which it is OK if not preferable to address problems when they arise. Only then, we can deal with them and move on. And we are completely straight with our customers and tell them if we think they are not being smart about their filling equipment. Not only do we believe it's in their best interest to do so, but also in ours.

In some parts of the world, admitting there's a problem or saying what you're unhappy about is taboo, but we want to encourage speaking one's mind. And everybody has a voice. We solicit good ideas and listen. The door to our CEO's office is always open. No routine is carved in stone and we're humble enough to realise that our brightest ideas might still be ahead of us.