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In this section, you will find our range of infographics that, in a very clear way, combine information and pictures in one image for you to process quicker than text alone. We have divided our infographics into categories so that you can easily find the ones of interest to you. The infographics cover diverse areas such as general facts about LPG as a fuel, the damages of indoor air pollution, and compressor use and maintenance. Check them out below.

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A series of infographics on LPG - an exceptional fuel

Information and graphics mixed into one image to provide you with the grand overview of facts about the exceptional fuel, LPG. The infographics were originally posted on the WLPGA website.

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The benefits of LPG in the developing world

Examine our infographic on LPG in developing countries to get your facts straight about the damages of indoor air pollution and how LPG can be a means to decrease the alarming figure that 1 out of 8 deaths across the globe is caused by air pollution.

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Compressor use and maintenance

Quick, handy illustrations of the basic principles involved in using and maintaining a compressor for transfer of liquid and vapour between tanks.

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