Universal filling system

Kosan Crisplant's solution for allround filling of gas cylinders in a flexible and competitive way is based on the UFM - the Universal Filling Machine.

The UFM epitomizes KC's development philosophy: To deliver genuine value to our business partners in the shape of competitive, high-tech quality products.

The UFM is the backbone of filling plants all over the world; efficient both as a stationary unit, built onto a chain or roller conveyor system or mounted on a carrousel filling system.

The UFM is an extremely versatile, reliable, flexible and competitive filling machine based on either the electronic weighing principle or the massflow principle. It has become a success all over the world as the natural choice for both new installations and as a replacement for worn-out mechanical filling machines.

We have incorporated and improved the best properties from some of our most valued and thoroughly tested products. This has made it possible to produce a modular product at a competitive price - a highly flexible product with a number of advanced facilities such as data communication, where required.

The UFM has a standard feature for communication with a PC system for collecting, processing and presenting data from the filling process.

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Read the brochure: UFM - Universal Filling Machine

The UFM is as versatile as a swiss army knife, and there is hardly enough room on this web page to describe it in full. For the detailed version of the story, you really need to download and read our brochure. If that still leaves you with questions, don't hesitate to contact us for answers!