Women in LPG

The LPG women tell all: supporting WLPGA's Women in LPG Global Network (WINLPG), Kosan Crisplant presents six of our own successful women who operate in the LPG industry, which is notoriously dominated by men. Kosan Crisplant's contribution to the official WINLPG campaign highlights the trials that women face when interacting in the LPG business across the globe. The six women have managed to turn their professional challenges navigating in a man's world into success stories and hence they act as role models in the campaign dedicated to the support and promotion of women and young talent in the LPG industry. We would like to present to you six very different career paths each with their own challenges and experiences. Without further ado, here are KC's women in LPG.

Adeeba, Pooja & Stine

Different people, jobs and locations. But Stine, Pooja & Stine have two important things in common. They are women, and they walked into the energy industry for the first time in 2018. But what has their experience been like this far?

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Claudia Bonucchi

After a difficult start in the LPG industry, Claudia found her place in the sun at KC North America.

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Ili Atiqah Binti Dunia

Strong technical knowledge, language skills, and fierce determination allowed Ili to overcome gender expectations and land a job at Kosan Crisplant in Kuala Lumpur.

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Lynda Allouche

In a culture where men are often unaccustomed to doing business with women, Lynda has succeeded in gaining the trust and respect of colleagues and customers alike.

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Rocío Verduzco Alvarado

After completing her one-year trainee program in Denmark, Rocío was hired to join the newly formed team in KC Mexico.

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Tove Kristensen

Working in a male-dominated industry is a perfect fit for Tove, who finds the straightforward atmosphere in her workplace quite liberating. 

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