CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

We know that our activities affect the areas where we do business, and we acknowledge our responsibility towards both people and planet. We are therefore fully committed to being involved and to being a force for progress and development for all our stakeholders. Community engagement, youth sports and anti-poverty programs are just a few examples of how we try to have a positive influence on daily life - wherever we are.

Below, you can read about some of the initiatives that MAKEEN Energy and our employees have been engaged in around the world.

Our website CO2 neutral

We are a member of the "CO2 neutral website" initiative. This means that the carbon emissions generated by our website are compensated for through various projects that help reduce carbon in the atmosphere. 

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Tree planting campaign in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, our team - and their families along with them - has initiated a tree planting campaign with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

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Flood relief in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, our team has donated clothes, shoes and school bags to approximately 250 children who were affected by the heavy rains and flooding in May 2017. 

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Bottled Gas for Better Life

In Cameroon, our team has partnered with the Global LPG Partnership (GLPGP) to put an end to solid fuels for cooking.

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Danish Hospital Clowns

In Denmark, we sponsor the Danish Hospital Clowns which  is an organisation that uses humour and compassion to help children through periods of illness.

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Njalla Quan Sports Academy

In Cameroon, we have sponsored the NQSA which is a sports academy that gives underprivileged but gifted children the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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